Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shake Shack

I recently had my first Shake Shack experience in NYC. It's suitable that "shake" is in the name because my vanilla shake sure was scrumptious. The burgers and fries were pretty good too, although the long line and battle to find a table at the Times Square location was not fun. But, if you need a cheap grease fix, it's a good choice. Additionally, the Mast Brothers Chocolate Shake Shack-blend bar is dynamite too. 

It got me thinking though. Why do we get so excited about about regional burger-and-fries joints that aren't nearby? 

The Midwest has Sonic.
Texas has Whataburger.
The West Coast has In-N-Out.
New York has Shake Shack.

I have a friend in California who is absolutely obsessed with Sonic and I've always thought that to be bit funny. Don't get me wrong. Nothing beats a Sonic Happy Hour, even though I try not to drink it that much anymore (especially diet). Growing up in Kansas, Sonic Drive-Ins are like Starbucks in Seattle though. They are everywhere. 

When I first moved to Dallas, I was excited for Whataburger, but it's not a favorite. There's one right next door to my school so it's definitely a blessing that I'm not that into it. 

As for In-N-Out, my first trip there was in Scottsdale years ago. I had heard stories about how people would wait in line for hours, lining up for blocks to order from the drive-thru. In-N-Out used to have a very special place in my heart on trips to Arizona and California, but since they came to Texas a few years ago, I lost interest. The closeness makes it far less intriguing.

When I heard the news that Shake Shack is coming to Austin, I was a bit disappointed. There's something alluring about distance that makes burgers and fries taste better. Obviously, it's a mental thing. Is it just me?

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