Monday, December 23, 2013

Keepsake Jewelry Tree

This Christmas I was not the best at decorating. Blame it on the fact that Thanksgiving was late or just pure laziness, either way our home doesn't have the usual December sparkle. I put our miniature white tinsel tree up, but as for every other bit of Christmas decor, it sadly stayed in my Christmas box. The one exception was the tree you see above, made by my stepmother from my grandma's jewelry collection. If you have a collection of old baubles and bangles from a loved one, this is the perfect way to utilize them for a piece that will remind you of them during the holiday season.

A big thank you to Karen for the following step-by-step directions:

How to Make a Keepsake Jewelry Christmas Tree

When my mother-in-law passed away, she left a drawer full of costume jewelry that she had collected over the years.  I thought it would be fun and meaningful to use the jewelry to create a keepsake.  I decided to craft a Christmas tree using the jewelry.  I chose to make the tree to fit an 8 x 10 frame, but it could be made any size you want. 

Picture Frame
Matte board – same size as frame (or you can use cardboard cut to size)
Velvet fabric – I used black
E6000 glue (available at craft stores)
Fabric glue
Wire cutter

1.      Cut the velvet approximately 1" larger than the matte board. 
2.     Wrap the fabric over the matte board and glue to the back side using fabric glue.  Do not glue on the front side of the matte board so that it stays smooth. 
3.     Cut a tree shape out of paper to fit inside the frame.
4.     Lay out the tree design using jewelry pieces.
5.     Use necklaces (chains or pearls) to make the outline of the tree and use the wire cutter to cut the jewelry into usable pieces.
6.     When you are happy with the design, you are ready to glue the jewelry pieces into place.
7.     Center the paper tree shape on the fabric and run a bead of E6000 glue around the edges.  You now have the tree shaped outline on the fabric.
8.     Secure the chain or pearls to the glue outline and apply a small amount of the E6000 glue to each of the jewelry pieces and secure to the fabric
9.  After all of the jewelry pieces are glued to the fabric, allow to dry until secure
10.  Discard the glass that came with the picture frame and put the matte board into the frame. You now have a Keepsake Jewelry Christmas Tree! 

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Hannah said...

So creative and beautiful! What a nice heirloom instead of all sitting in some drawer somewhere!