Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Motivation — New Year's Resolutions 2014

The quote above is from Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project, a book I hold near and dear to my hear, and often preach about. It was a life changer.  

Here I am, on a busy*-to-the-brim Monday after the Christmas holiday, making the most of this last day before the last day of the year. Today I attended a funeral of a co-worker's husband who had his life cut short because of cancer, and I must say, attending a funeral at the end of the year really makes you think about your priorities and resolutions. 

*Busy: My number one bad word of 2013. Recently I've started to loathe the word. I am busy. You at busy. We all say it, but what are we truly busy with? Is our busy more important than someone else's busy? Absolutely not. We all have commitments but we also can prioritize. The days are long and packed with never-ending to-do's, but if it's important, we can't be busy. Our years are short and I'm certain that we can all make our priorities number one, regardless of if we are "busy." 

Resolutions: run a marathon, start a business, take photos every day, read at least two books a month, and add new stamps to my passport.

These resolutions are most certainly going to keep me "busy", but staying busy with my priorities, that's what matters. It's important to note that family and friends always come first when it comes to priorities. Oh, and safety. Safety first. Always. 

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Hannah said...

Fabulous quote, fabulous resolutions, and fabulous post! Cheers to 2014!